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The Real Betty’s Island in the Caney Fork River, Tennessee

The Real Betty’s Island in the Caney Fork River, Tennessee

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The TWRA access area named Betty’s Island isn’t located at the real Betty’s Island


If you launch your boat at Betty’s Island Access Area and you float down the Caney Fork River you will soon pass under I-40.
Just below the bridge the Caney Fork splits and flows around the real Betty’s island at Betty’s Bend. The island is a full two river miles below the access point named for it. Most people think that Betty’s island is the small island at Betty’s Island Access Area, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s boat ramp named for it and yet in being named for the island, rather than honoring the island, the access point has literally stolen the actual Betty’s island’s identity!


Below the real Betty’s Island is Congo Bottoms on river right and Sebowisha on river left. Sebowisha is the place name for the confluence of Smith Fork Creek and The Caney Fork River. Read this to see how Sebowisha might have gotten it’s name and the tragic story of it’s rise and fall.



Map: The first set of I-40 bridges below Betty’s Island Access Area or the fourth set of I-40 bridges below the dam. The real Betty’s Island , Sebowisha and Congo Bottoms

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