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Cordell Hull Lake

Cordell Hull Lake

Cordell Hull Lake is a lake in the Cumberland River in north-central Tennessee, about forty miles east of Nashville, in the vicinity of Carthage. It covers approximately 12,000 acres (49 km2).

It is named for Cordell Hull, former United States Secretary of State[2].

Credit for Description above: Wikipedia

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This sounds like preaching but it needs to be said:
Show your appreciation of our local waters by picking up some litter during your visit.
Be part of the solution; a little litter attracts a lot of trash, kills wildlife, makes it look like no one cares about the watershed and the ugly sight of it hurts the local economy/tourism.

Buy your food, tackle and supplies locally when possible. Local businesses are the gate-keepers for Tennessee’s rivers and lakes and they depend on your repeat business to provide for their families.

Avoid the big box stores when buying supplies for your trip; they care more about the rivers and lakes of China than the rivers and lakes of Tennessee!

Local businesses care about local waters.

Respect the local people, you are their guest.

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